I want to write

I keep thinking of subjects to write about but then don’t put anything down. I wonder if anyone even cares or better yet, if everyone thinks my writing is bad/dumb/some derogatory term. I am not writing a blog to gain friends or notoriety. I just want to share my thoughts and hopefully, inspire or help someone. And honestly, at the end of the day, I have always enjoyed writing, journaling, story telling and even just the English language.

What I have found in creating this blog, is that I aspire to have everything I write be impressive or something greater than just a journal. Because I know people are reading it (even just a handful), I want it to be more meaningful, deeper, motivating. I edit and judge my writings and eventually, convince myself to just wait til I have come up with a more “worthy” piece to share.

I don’t have any thoughts of becoming a famous blogger although maybe that would be fun (it would probably just create more tension and anxiety honestly). I know I’m not Brene Brown or a recognized author but I do genuinely care about the quality of what I put out there.

And then it hit me…..

if I want to be transparent and truly authentic, then my writing, at times, may be messy…..

and that’s ok.


Author: mytruthbysarahwhaley

I’m a 38 year old mom, wife and aspiring world changer. I play roller derby, do Crossfit and try to be as active as possible (probably too active at times). I love Jesus with all my heart and in turn, passionately love others. I am obsessed with my dog and food.

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